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It’s time to wrap up the bike rack install. I had to wait a few days for the final rack to arrive. Although I had ordered a twin pack of the Thule FreeRide 532 from Holdcrofts via Amazon and they had shipped out a twin pack, it would seem that their courier had ‘lost’ one and to Holdcrofts credit as soon as I emailed them they dispatched another… which the courier took four days to deliver.

IMG_1098The second rack only took a few minutes to install as I’d already had a practice run with the other. I did reverse the wheel mounting points so that the straps were on the outside of the truck bed so I could reach them from the side and I also reversed the locking clip on the bike frame mount so that it was on the inside of the rack, again to make it easier to operate when mounting the bikes on the rack.


Overall I’m pretty pleased with the installation and the Thule products seem well constructed and easy to assemble. I guess if you were installing it on a ‘normal’ vehicle it would be fairly easy as all the items would be available off the shelf in the UK or directly from Amazon in the UK.


I still have access to the full load bed if required simply by removing the locking covers and eight hex bolts holding the feet to the mounts and I can lift off the whole assembly. Thule supply in their kit 3113 covers for the feet that simply click into place to make everything tidy when the rack assembly is removed.


The height above the Roll-N-Lock cover is about right and doesn’t stop me opening the lid of the storage box I installed on the bed slide.

The gap between the racks is wide enough so that in the future if we needed to install a slimline top box or a mesh basket to give me more load carrying ability or even a ski rack that mounts on the rear wing bar and roll bar so the skis point above the cab roof is possible.

If you needed to, I think four adult bikes could be accommodated easily and maybe 2 adult bikes and 3 children’s bikes if you swapped the orientation round (some forward facing some rear facing).


I have received a few emails asking how we were going to load the bikes and how easy was it going to be. I think it is easier than lifting bikes on to a roof mounted carrier.

Well inspired by Messrs Ditton and Trudgian I made a video. Now this is my first real attempt at video production and editing (here come the excuses!) and it was shot early in the morning…. after I’d got home at 02:00 after sorting out a couple of aircraft at Manchester Airport. So here goes…