Electrical Drawings

All the electrical drawings in one handy place. You can download the PDF’s and are free to use for personal use. If you post them on other forums or websites I’d appreciate a link back to this page and an acknowledgement. ALL drawings are copyright Caravan Chronicles.

Caravan Connection Upgrade 01 – I had a number of requests for a basic wiring digram for anyone upgrading or rewiring an older caravan from the 12N plug to make it compatible with modern 13 pin towing electrics and be able to operate a habitation relay and fridge.

Caravan Connection Upgrade 02 – If your vintage caravan has a “CAR – VAN” switch, here is how to wire it with a modern relay.

Basic 13 Pin Power Loom This I think has come from a few on-line discussions relating to poor performance of the fridge and leisure battery charing in older 4 x 4 vehicles. I was receiving for a while a number of questions related to upgrading older installations. I also receive a number of emails asking how to add the facility of fridge and leisure battery charging to older vehicles and upgrade the 7 pin tow socket or old military lights socket.

Overlander Wiring Diagram The best schematic I could come up with that is flexible for most situations. I’ve put a few notes on the drawing. The various components I’ve drawn generically…. all can be found at your preferred supplier or have a look in the Caravan Chronicles Shop

Autoswitch Driving Lights The questions were from a number of 4 x 4 Off Road enthusiasts and Overland vehicle people. Simplest way I could come up with was using a couple of diodes (details on the drawing) Three switches… one for LED Light Bar, One for Driving Lights and one that allows you to sync the LED Light Bar and Driving Lights to the operation of the main beam in the vehicle. Flash the main beam and with the Sync Switch ON… all the lights will flash. Note… this may be illegal in some countries, so having the option to turn off the facility when on the roads ‘should’ keep you within the law…. don’t quote me on it!

Wire size Wall Chart – A handy set of tables for determining what wire size to use for a particular current over a distance. It also has a terminal site guide and a Metric to AWG conversion table.

Relay Wall Chart I get asked a lot about relays and types of relays, so I produced this hand A3 size wall chart to adorn your workshop wall.

Fuse Voltage Drop Table (4 pages) You can calculate the current through a fuse by simply measuring the voltage drop across the fuse. This is handy when trying to fault find on CANBUS cars.