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I wanted a place to store all the documents, manuals, handbooks and manufactures links that come with all the equipment in your caravan. As manufacturers constantly update their websites and manuals, sometimes just providing a link only works for a while, then the link changes. So I have downloaded the PDF files and conveniently located them in one place. If you hover your mouse over the link to a document, further information about the document will be available.

Land Rover – Please see the separate Land Rover Towing Electrics page.

VW Amarok – Please see the separate VW Amarok Towing Electrics and Electrical Systems page.

NOTE: Copyright for each document resides with the manufacturer.

AL-KO (website: )

AL-KO Secure Instruction Manual  | AL-KO AKS 1300 Hitch Security Device Handbook |  AL-KO Spare Wheel Carrier Instruction Manual  |  AL-KO AKS 3004 Handbook  |  AL-KO Caravan Chassis Maintenance | AL-KO Caravan Chassis Handbook | AL-KO Overrun Braking System Handbook  | atc-handbook



FLOJET (website: )

Flojet Triplex R3426 Automatic Water System Pump

Swift (website: )

2011 Charisma / Europa Technical Handbook  |  2011 Swift/Sterling Caravan Owners Handbook

Thetford (website:

User manual Thetford Cassette C250  |  Thetford C250 Installation  |  User Manual-Thetford Refrigerators  |  Installation Instructions Thetford Refrigerators  |  S CK13000 3 Burner + Hob (Dual Fuel) cooker service procedures  |

Thetford Repair Instructions.. (PDF Files you can download)

Sanitation_Repair_Instructions  |  Refrigeration – Repair instructions | troubleshooting-fridges

Truma (website: )

Trumatic Heater S3002 – 5002 Operating Instructions  |  Trumatic S3002 – 5002 Installation Instructions  |  Truma Ultraheat Operation Instructions  |  Truma Ultraheat Installation Instructions  |  Truma Ultrastore Rapid Installation and Operation Instructions  |  Trumavent TEB – TN Instruction Manual


Enforcement Weighing Of Vehicles – Consolidated Code of Practice : Code of Practice on Dynamic Axle Weighers-1

Older Caravan Wiring Diagrams

1993 Swift Challenger Wiring Diagram


Copyright © 2011 – 2020 Simon P Barlow

7 thoughts on “Document Library”

  1. I need Elddis Hurricane 1998 manual

  2. Malcolm said:

    Hi I’m looking for a instruction manual fir a
    Spritefirebrand 590 6 bear the please if any one can help

  3. Andries said:

    Hi, wie kan my help, ek wil my kopstuk van bed oor trek, maar hoe kry ek die ding los???

    By voorbaat dank.

    • Hallo Andries
      Baie vervaardigers gebruik VELCRO om die kopbord teen die muur te hou. Probeer om te sien of een hoek genoeg weggetrek kan word om met ‘n klein spieël te sien

      Hoop dit help

  4. I’m looking to buy a caravan I no it’s a German made 2005 it’s a TEC weltbummler 640 but had no paper work with hope so
    E one can help thank you

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