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obj7geo7pg8p19If you around the Nottingham, Mansfield or Grantham area Lodge Farm Leisure are now fully equipped to refill you Safefill, Gas-It or Gaslow systems having recently installed their own LPG refilling equipment. Chris and the guys have probably beaten all the other caravan servicing and even caravan dealers by being the first to install this equipment. With the increasing cost of conventional bottle exchange and the recent recall by one supplier of some of their cylinders it makes sense for caravanners and motor homes to move over to a refillable system. Currently their price for LPG is 65 pence per litre and they are aiming to be 5p per litre cheaper than other stations in the area, which is great news!

We have been using Safefill since we started caravanning and have easily covered the cost of the cylinder. With more and more caravans and motor homes now coming equipped with state of the art solar panels, moving over to a refillable gas system makes the task of planning ‘off grid’ stops so much easier as you can always start your trip with a full tank of gas and top up if required!

I’m sure in the coming months other caravan service centres and dealers will try to play catch up with Lodge Farm Leisure… in the meantime if you are in the area, you now know where to get a fill up.

Directions to Lodge Farm Leisure are on their website.