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Following a question that I replied to on Swift Talk, about LPG filling stations in the UK and Europe, I couldn’t find a website that had all of the UK and Europe listed. So I started searching for any website that listed LPG filling stations in various countries as I thought at least if there was a directory with them all in one place, it would be a start.

I eventually came across the French site “Annuaire des stations GPL françaises” or “French LPG stations directory” which seems to have links to sites that cover most European countries. The site is in French, but has a small flag on the right that translates it into English.

The site is easy to use and has current pricing for LPG for nearly all the sites listed. It also has a news section which lists sites that are closed and new LPG filling stations. If you click on the “Download” tab at the top it takes you to a page where you can download POI files for your GPS or Smart Phone.

However, the gem for me and what I was originally seeking can be found listed under the tab “Other Sites”. It’s a list of sites that have details fo LPG stations in 17 countries…. how Australia got in there I’ll never know!

If you have an LPG fuelled tow vehicle, motorhome or refillable cylinders, this is a site to bookmark. It has almost everything you could need if you need to fill up with LPG while in Europe (or Australia for that matter!) and certainly for France, lists the current prices in Euros per Litre. I’ve added it to my links page… you could always just bookmark that instead !