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If you struggle to connect your 13 pin plug to your tow car and no one else does, ever wondered why? Well I think I might have one possible cause and it’s fitted to almost every caravan!

A few people have contacted me and asked if I had any answers as to why they keep having problems trying to connect their 13 pin plug every time they hitch up. I always ask them if they store their plug in the little recess mounded into the fibreglass ‘A’ frame fairing, and inevitably the answer almost always comes back as “Yes”.

Well the reason is it keeps happening is the recess does not hold the core of the plug as the outer shell twists. The thickness of the cable causes the centre core of the plug to turn slightly and eventually it overcomes the internal locating pips that are supposed to keep the core of the plug in the correct orientation. In order to fully understand whats going on, I’ve written a little help guide called “The 13 Pin Plug Puzzle” that will hopefully explain all.

A some people say you should lubricate the core pin assembly as its bad manufacturing that stops it turning, well I don’t think you will need to once you know what is going on and how to protect you plug with the green cap that should have come fitted to your plug.