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Well, I think they did! OK what am I on about? Well, if you have read through my ramblings about the Safefill refillable gas cylinder, one of the comments I had at towards the end was the fact that I had to create my own POI file for my GPS from the map of Safefill accredited filling stations and dealers on their website. I thought that Safefill should have this on their website to make it a lot easier for people that are not quite as savvy on creating POI files.

Well, it seems that good customer service still exists from some companies and they have now made it easy to get a POI file for your GPS.

I tried it out and it’s quite easy, click on the “GPS Download” button on the home page or the Refilling page and it directs you to the contact us area where you fill in your contact details click on request GPS download and click on submit…. a few seconds later a link to the download page arrives in your email in box.

Rather than list all the different files for various GPS types, Safefill have been a bit clever….. you download the KML file (which helpfully they have put the last update date on the web site) and then they direct you to www.gps-data-team.com web site so you can use the very latest and up-to-date converter for your GPS. I’ve used their converters for creating my own POI files and know that they are one of the best on the web that I have found.

All in all a neat idea and saves me having to keep doing my own every few weeks, I can just check out the date of the latest update easily now. Cheers Safefill….. now can you do anything about the price?

While I’m on about customer service, I’ll give you a bit of an update on something else. One of the things that has blown me away is the amount of traffic and visitors to my “13 Pin Plug Puzzle” page, since I wrote it over 3000 people have read it… or at least visited the page and it has been linked to by Swifttalk.co.uk, Caravanning4u, volvoforums.org, caravantalk.co.uk and at least half a dozen more. It has also generated a huge amount of email, mainly people asking where they can get the elusive green cap from.

The elusive green cap

The elusive green cap

Well, I contacted Maypole one of the biggest distributors of towing equipment and suppliers to a number of major outlets by email asking if they could look into the possibility of supplying a green cap (or even a pair) on a blister pack and retailing out through their dealers as there was a large market for them. I even gave them links to various places where people were asking for them. Well I have heard bugger all from them, its been quieter than a falling feather in a padded room. I know I’m not a customer as they don’t sell to end users, only retailers, but come on guys, there seems to be a market out there for green caps.

Undaunted, I thought I’d try again. Grove Products, which just happens to be up the road from me is also one of the bigger suppliers to the industry. I flirted off an email, much the same as the one to Maypole, and like Maypole, I’m still waiting to hear the “ding” as their reply arrives in my email in box.

All may not be lost though. Next week Sue and I are off to Bridlington with the caravan, and part of that trip includes a visit to Swift and a tour round their production facility… hang on, where did production facility come from… too many American documentaries.. I’ll start again. Part of that trip includes a visit to Swift and a tour of the factory (that’s better) where they make caravans, and one of the things I want to ask them is to redesign the A frame fairing so that it will accept a 13 pin plug with the green cap fitted and supply the green cap with all new vans.

So, in the mean time, if you know of a supplier for the Elusive Green Cap…. or even better, if you are a supplier of the Elusive Green Cap, please make yourself known!

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PS. If you have two minutes to spare…. visit Maypole and Groves web sites, click on contact us and send them an email asking about the green cap and tell them I sent you!