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Sue and I went down to the storage place this morning to do a little work on the caravan. We had wanted to install an electrically heated towel rail in the caravan since we were at Chirk last December, as the towels didn’t dry too well just hung over the washroom door. Plus it looked a little unsightly.  I had ordered one via the internet and it had arrived a couple of days earlier. I’d got all the fittings ready in the work shop, so it was just a matter of getting down there and doing it. I took a camera with us and I’ve written it up as a project… so if you want to know more, it’s all here on the Installing an electric towel rail page.

On each trip, we find out a better or improved way of doing something, and the last trip out we decided that the cleaning stuff being in one of the top lockers was a waste of good space.  Office World have a selection of clear boxes in various sizes that have lids that lock on. I picked up three boxes on my last visit, two that would fit neatly under one of the front seats and one, slightly bigger, that would slide into one of the outside lockers. So, while we were down there installing the towel rail, we also organised all the cleaning stuff… surface cleaners, dusters, polish etc into one box, all the disposable surgical gloves (used for the “thetford cassette” bombing runs) and outside cleaning stuff into another box. The third, was to become my “man” box and had a spare gas pig tail, the EHU continental adaptor, mallet, rock pegs, spare paracord and 50 assorted other things that a man needs to keep safe… just in case.  It must be noted that stuff stored in here is completely separate from the stuff stored in my “Man Cupboard” inside.

So now we are a bit more organised, and hopefully the towel rail will make a difference… we will find out in seven days I guess when we get to Oswestry.