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A couple of weeks ago while we were at the Chapel Lane Caravan Club site Andy Harris from RoadPro came over and brought a new product for us to try. It had been launched to the caravan and motor home market at the NEC show in October and while talking to Andy at the show he introduced me to a couple of people from Fit2Go to chat about the product. I really liked the idea of it as there were no wires involved, little set-up or programming and more importantly it was easy to install the dash display in any vehicle as the unit fitted on the windscreen and was the same size as the old tax disc. No suckers…. no bean bag thingy…. no screwing mounts to the dash or finding a space to install the display.

Here’s a video we made…

Initial thoughts after a couple of weeks use…

fit2goWell I still really like it! If you watch the video you can see it was really really easy to install the whole system and I recon now I could do it in under 5 minutes tops. I really like the display, it’s not distracting and all I see it the power light flash every few minutes to tell my the system is working. At night the quick flash is not distracting and having installed it at a point in my normal driving peripheral vision it doesn’t really draw attention to itself in normal use.. However I would notice it if any of the alarm lights illuminated. Thankfully I’ve not had this happen…. yet!


The basic unit comes with 4 sensors and for a caravan or trailer you can purchase additional pairs of sensors for each axle.

The big plus point for me towing caravans and trailers is the ease of hooking up the caravan or trailer. Some systems you need to tell the unit you have hitched up… or unhitched. With the Fit2Go it picks up the sensors around it a minute or so after you have started to move, so if the caravan or trailer is there it picks up the sensors. You don’t have to do anything. If the caravan is not there, you still don’t have to do anything.

  • NO Need for pairing of sensor to receiver (even with replacement sensors).
  • NO Need for inputting tyre pressure values
  • NO Need for assigning sensors to wheel locations (no NF / OF / NR / OR)
  • NO Need for buttons on the receiver (except wake up button when first fitting).
  • NO Need for wires, batteries, car chargers, USB connectors on the receiver, etc.
  • NO need for assembly.
  • NO Need for taking space on the dashboard.

The other selling point for me is the fact it doesn’t look like anything special. With the other unites we have tried I was always removing them when we parked up as they did look like GPS units or other expensive bits of kit.


Well really there is only one for me. If I want to actually check the tyre pressure I have xb3934c34563ca763f246ea02dbc4c015-jpg-pagespeed-ic-vri0-xhkwato remove the sensor and use a regular tyre pressure gauge. Which will slow things down when doing my pre trip checks. But there is an answer. Fit2Go will shortly be releasing a handy tyre pressure checker (expected early 2017) unit that uses near-field-technology to read the current tyre pressure and sensor information when you move the device near the sensor. I don’t know much about it at the moment, but Andy has promised to send me one when they are available.

The only other downside I guess is having to remove a sensor to adjust the tyre pressure although it is ridiculously easy to do so using the supplied tool to release the locking nut.  There are some sensors that install inside the wheel that allow you to inflate the tyre with the sensor fitted, but this requires you having to have the tyre removed from the rim, the sensor and new valve stem installed and the tyre put back on the rim… which will add to the cost and you will have to go through this process again when the batteries need replacing!

I also found it less fidley to remove a Fit2Go sensor than using a small allen key wrench to release a set screw that some manufacturers have adopted.

Would I buy this system over other systems on offer? A definite YES. It was so simple to install and easy to use over anything else I have tried. It does the job and doesn’t make your vehicle a target for thieves as it’s not really noticeable from outside (or inside) your vehicle.

RoadPro kindly supplied me with the Fit2Go system for our tow vehicle and caravan and you can find the products in their shop – click here and when checking out if you enter “Fit2Go10” in the shopping basket you will get 10% discount (Offer available up to Jan 14th.