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WedFeb6130934UTC2013For the past couple of months we have been trying out a dehumidifier for the caravan. We bough it from ALDI last year and it seems to be working well. It works off 240 volts, but can also be used on 12 volts. There is a fan in the unit which isn’t too noisy but we chose to run it when we are not in the caravan. During the cooler months it means we don’t have to have any of the windows open on their night setting as running the dehumidifier during the day when we are out seems to work very well. We have been very pleased with it, it really does make a difference…. especially when my alter ego “One Hairy Caravanner” has been cooking pasta in the caravan!

With that in mind, I was rather pleased ALDI will have a range of other products for caravanners and motorhomers as part of their “Special-buy” events on the 26th March.

GarminThe first that caught my attention is the Garmin Camper 760LMT-D 7 inch sat nav. This specialised Sat Nav for caravans and motorhomes features an easy to read 7” high-resolution screen, free lifetime map updates and an option to receive warnings for risk of grounding, lateral wind, narrow roads, steep hills and overhanging trees. and all for £199.99 which I think is as cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere.

TVThe second thing that I noticed was this 19” HD Ready LED Caravan TV for £99.99.

They are also have on offer a Wireless Dual Band Repeater (19.99) that will allow you to extend the range of any available wireless network.

Heres a few of the other items that will be on offer as part of the special-buy event I think will be of interest…

40 Litre water carrier - £39.99

40 Litre water carrier – £39.99

breathable, water resistant caravan cover with durable reinforced corners and double stitched seams - £69.99

breathable, water-resistant caravan cover with durable reinforced corners and double stitched seams – £69.99 I don’t know of the size though, please check.

Caravan double step - £14.99

Caravan double step – £14.99

Heavy duty  pegs - £7.99

Heavy duty pegs – £7.99

Delux camping chair - £16.99

Delux camping chair – £16.99

Keep a look out for these items at the same time as well…

Concentrated Toilet Fluid/Bowl Cleaner – £4.99
Mini Telescopic Camping Lantern – £3.99
5 Pole Windbreak – £29.99
Double Sleeping Bag – £29.99
Breathable Ground Sheet – £19.99
Multi-Purpose Floor Mats – £12.99

As with all ALDI special buy events… they usually sell out pretty quick and I’ve missed a couple of things that I wanted in the past. However yesterday I picked up a great little 10 metre retracting air hose for £19.99 which will be duly installed in the garage near the door so I don’t have to keep wrestling with a long air line every time I want to check the vehicle tyres. If you want one of these… I’d go shopping now!