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Back in February I wrote a post “Testing Testing… about trying out some OLPRO products. One in particular was their “Inside & Out” which I tried on the Freelander with great success, however I haven’t had chance to try it on the caravan… mainly due to the weather and I did promise back then to do an update.

So the day after we returned from our North Wales trip (A Pitch With A View…) The weather was co-operating so we loaded up the trailer with 3 x 25 litre containers of water, a hand pressure spray, a set of steps, long-handled soft washing brush and set off for the caravan storage compound.

Right.. where do we start? (Sue is wearing one of my mahoosive old polo shirts)

Right.. where do we start? (Sue is wearing one of my mahoosive old polo shirts)

IMG_7917While Sue tackled inside I got the steps out and started on the roof. The first bucket of water I added the recommended amount of Inside & Out… which was a bit of a problem as it was foamy as a comedy laundrette in a flood and took a while to wash off the roof. It did however clean the roof very easily just using my normal long handle soft washing brush (I think I got it from Costco a couple of years ago).

For the first side, I reduced the amount of Inside & Out by about half that I added to my bucket of water. This dilution seemed to work fine. It was an easy job of brushing the sides in sections, going round all the intricate bits – awning rails etc with a small soft brush and spraying down with a hand pressure wash – the garden sprayer type with clean water.

Rinsing out and refilling the bucket for the back panel and repeating the process for the opposite side and front panel. As you can see from the photos, the sun was out and quite strong and one of the problems that often occurs when washing anything in strong sunlight is that it dries leaving water marks. This didn’t seem to be a problem using Inside & Out as I guess there must be a wetting agent in it. When I sprayed on clean rinse water, it beaded straight away and rinsed off any remaining washing water. I didn’t have to use a leather to dry off the caravan, a simple soft car body squeegee worked great.

The other thing that I noticed was it was particularly effective at cleaning the zip on the Fiammastor Awning. The zip fabric along the length of the bag was starting to go a little green, but Sue scrubbed it with the small brush with just the same normal soapy solution I was using and it came up a treat. It also cleaned the plastic insert in the awning rail easily as well.

Sue giving the lower awning rail some attention!

Sue giving the lower awning rail some attention!

It took just over 2 hours and one and a half 25 litre containers of water to wash and really give the outside a good going over. It took nearly as long to remove excess mastic from the edges of the roof light left over from some exuberant use of a mastic gun back in the Swift Factory. I’d been picking at bits ever since we bought the van but I was determined it was all going to come off this time.



IMG_7929 IMG_7930

All in all I was impressed with “Inside & Out”. It cut through road film on the front cap easily, cleaned the roof which always seems the worst and removed some grease from around the lower valence where they service guys had greased the steadies. It tackled the green stuff on the Fiammastor awning zip and it didn’t dry leaving water marks even in the hot sun.

So I’ll give it a Caravan Chronicles 5 out of 5 jockey wheel rating.


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