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OK so you are driving along following your sat nav and you come up on a road restriction. Right, hands up those that can tell me the height, width and length of your towing vehicle and caravan? No hesitating now!

Hands down. I’ll bet not many of you could. Not wanting to appear on YouTube as the next “fail” trying to extract my caravan from a low bridge or narrow road, a while ago I made a small ‘aide memoire‘ to stick on the back of my sun visor.

In the Caravan Chronicles office we have a Brother QL560 label printer that just happens to come with a bit nifty label creating software and it only took five minutes to produce a label that Leonardo would be proud off….

Creating the caravan size label

Creating the caravan size label

I included all the relevant sizes for the tow vehicle and caravan and the total length of the combined outfit. It is thermally printed on a self adhesive label and securely attached to the rear of my sun visor. Here’s a close up:-

Caravan Screen Size Label Close Up 01

So it’s easy to check on both the tow vehicle (it’s amazing how many car parks have a barrier that I can only just squeeze under!) and on the caravan. It also gives me the total length of the outfit when coupled.

So if you have nothing to do this weekend because you’re not away in the ‘van, get the handbooks out for the tow vehicle and caravan and make yourself a label.

In the next version I make I might include the tyre pressures and axle weights too. Although then it can become a bit cluttered… maybe another label for the passenger side…. Hmm.

Safe towing this Bank Holiday weekend everyone.