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One of the tee shirts from caravangifts.co.uk

One of the tee shirts from caravangifts.co.uk

You know how it is… you are Googling your way round the wibbly wobbly web for something and you get side tracked… I was actually looking for some of my photos that have been used on other websites without permission and like most times I end up Googling, I got side tracked again…. with an interview on the Spread Shirt Blog who were interviewing a chap called Jeremy, who just happens to have a website called CaravanGifts.co.uk and sell some fantastic caravan gifts – tee shirts, polo shirts, mugs in fact all sorts and all caravan, motorhome and camping related. I’m not sure how I missed this site in the past. From some of the designs, it’s obvious that Jeremy is a caravanner too!

There are dozens of different prints available and if you can’t find something that you like, or you have a slogan that you want on a tee shirt, there is even a section where you can design your own, which I found easy to use and within a couple of minutes had come up with my own natty design…..

My own Caravan Chronicles "Keep Calm" polo shirt designed on the Caravan Gifts web site

My own Caravan Chronicles “Keep Calm” polo shirt designed on the Caravan Gifts web site

So if you have a hankering for a bit of caravanning apparel for the coming summer… drop in to CaravanGifts.co.uk.  Now let me see… how many Caravan Chronicles polo shirts should I order and in what colours… Hmmm.


PS…. If you are into bikes… the engined variety, Jeremy has a site for that too – www.biker-t-shirts.co.uk

Images (c) CaravanGifts.co.uk