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…I’m starting to feel festive! We have just booked our “let’s get in the mood for Christmas” trip, to one of the Christmas markets. If you have read some of my past posts, you may remember that last year we tried to arrange a trip to visit one of the biggest markets in the UK, namely the one at Lincoln.

I’d stayed in Lincoln a few years ago while engaged on an AWACS project at RAF Waddington and really enjoyed my time there. I remember taking Sue up the steep hill to visit “Browns Pie Shop” for her first visit…. and we have never had chance to return.

So, last year our trip to visit Lincoln and the famous Christmas Market was thwarted by a change of dates… Sue being ‘on call’ to the hospital through the dates for our planned trip and we ended up setting off for Wrexham’s Christmas market…. which got blown off course ( the whole story is here) quite literally! Anyway we have eventually booked in for Lincoln.

Its funny, but last year I remember being thwarted somewhat by the booking system on the C & CC’s web site… and this year was no different, the C & CC and the CC seem to still have their knickers in a twist with their booking systems although both are improving somewhat, although I still think there is a conspiracy to prevent me being able to simply browse a map to find sites.

Thorpe Park Lodges… photo (c) Thorp Park – I hope they don’t mind me borrowing it!

Anyhoo, after a bit of “Googling” I found Thorpe Park Lodges, now I know what you are thinking.. lodges, that’s not caravanning but they do have space for 5 caravans, it’s a C & CC CL site as well.

I managed to negotiate the C & CC website and read some of the reviews for Thorpe Park Lodges and it was 5 stars all the way. A quick chat with Sue, and a nosey round on Google Earth…. (which just showed it as a big hole in the ground with footings for a couple of lodges) confirmed it was a short bike ride from the centre of Lincoln, or a long walk, although after a few glasses of mulled wine it might be a taxi ride!… it got the thumbs up from Sue.

(c) Unknown

I called the telephone number on the web site (which is a free 0800 number) and spoke to a nice lady who, at that particular time, was in the middle of a lot of motorbikes at a motor-racing circuit somewhere… I had to resist the temptation to denigrate into Frankie Howerd and mention motorbikes, ladies and leather “And it came to pass…… Oy don’t titter” well it was a bank holiday weekend after all.

She didn’t think it was a problem and they had spaces, could I just send an email with our details. The following morning I had a reply from Vanessa, we were all booked in for three days. So that’s that, Our Christmas will officially begin at Lincoln Christmas Market…. and while we are there Sue will have a rather special and notable birthday…. but I couldn’t possibly tell you about that, it’s a secret!

If you fancy visiting a Christmas market, for a day or for longer, use this website to find one… http://www.christmasmarkets.com/

Well, I can’t get too excited yet as before then we have trips to Devon, The Cotswolds and to French France to fit in……… I’ll let you know how we get on in Lincoln.

Ok… is that mulled wine mulled yet?