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Ever wondered about “reverse polarity” and inverters? They are often misunderstood and sometimes seem like a technical nightmare from a science fiction film! Well, I’ve just finished a couple of guides on inverters and reversed polarity that hopefully makes things a little clearer. You can find them on the “HELP GUIDES” page.

Just starting to think about getting the caravan ready for our up and coming trip to Oswestry this weekend, and looking forward a bit we have received our Red Pennant paperwork today for the French trip in October. I’ve booked one site to stop at on the drive down to La Tournerie Ferme in the Dordogne and for the return trip, but I still need to find a nice site near Limoges. The 300 plus page Michelin French road Atlas arrived from Amazon a couple of days ago, so I guess I’ll take that with us this weekend so I can do a little light reading in the evening. Anyone know what the weather is down there in October?