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I came across a fantastic site from a fellow Caravan Talk member called Shirker.co.uk that has the low down on Motorway Services for caravanners. All the motorways are listed along with some of the major A roads. You can select a motorway or A road and browse the services along it quite easily.

Having read through the details for the services I know, the information is accurate and well presented. The only thing I could see as an improvement would be a “print” button for each of the services as the directions given are far more informative than the actual signs at the services. It would save me having to do a screen grab.

All in all well worth bookmarking…. Shirker.co.uk


PS… I should have mentioned the rest of his blog is hilarious !!!

EDIT: 4th June 2013

I believe shirker.co.uk has sold the website with the motorway services information to one of the caravanning magazines, therefore I have removed the links to the site. I have kept the post though just for reference.