… well I hope they don’t!!

Number One. We were supposed to go to York a few days ago for a five-day break. However that got scuppered at the last-minute by one of our Siamese cats. Polo who is 14 years old suddenly decided he was not very well and it looked like it could have been touch and go and would have warranted that sad last trip to the vet. Something we absolutely could not ask our long-term cat sitter (and house minder) to make. However as it was the sunniest week we have had so far (just our luck) he decided rally round and he’s now fine.. or as fine as a 14-year-old Siamese can be.

Number Two. Last night while clearing up after our evening meal, I was finishing the washing up and Sue took out the kitchen rubbish to the bin. I watched her pass the kitchen window en-route to the bins which are the far side of the vehicles and out of view. After about five minutes or so She hadn’t returned and I guessed She might have been giving our next door neighbours cat a bit of a polish as it does drop in to our garden from time to time to say hello. I sat down in the lounge and thought Sue was being a particularly long time and went out to check.

I found her sitting on the floor, blood running down from her temple. Unfortunately She had a fall… tripped over the gate stop block for the electric estate gates. She was complaining of shoulder and arm pain and a quick examination by me, who generally is not to cleaver with blood and bits sticking the wrong way… (I sometimes have to close my eyes when “Ducky” opens up a body on NCIS)… pronounced in my best medical voice “looks like you have broken your arm, I can feel the top of your Humorous just below your shoulder” Well I didn’t actually say Humorous because I couldn’t remember what it was called.. at least i didn’t finish the sentence with “stat”

It took about ten minutes to get her back on her feet and inside. A judgement call was made and a quick call to 999 for an ambulance was placed. Anyhoo, to cut the long thing short after waiting for just over an hour for the Twos and Blues to arrive and rush Sue off to Tameside General. The outcome is a spiral fracture of her Humorous, broken in three places just below her shoulder. At least we can call it a ‘mini break’ if not exactly a “getaway”

Number Three. Err no, not at the moment thanks, can you leave it a bit.

Fingers crossed Sue’s OK for our forthcoming trip down to The Old Oakes at Glastonbury… Oh and Polo too of course!

Keep Calm and Carry On……normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.