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Once in a while something comes along and makes you think…. ‘what a good idea’. I was contacted by James Clark and asked If I’d like to take a sneak peek at something he and his friend, Lucy Bartlett have been working on.

bedLucy wanted to find something better than the traditional sleeping bag or camp bed and after trying a swag in Australia but finding it too bulky came up with this neat idea. Talking to a friend of her husbands (James) they worked on the idea and eventually Bundle Beds was formed. (www.bundlebeds.com)

Now there have been various attempts over the years to design a bed system that is easy, light weight and transportable but nothing seems to be in the market place that works effectively as a Bundle Bed does.

I particularly like it as it could be the answer to a lot of situations in both caravans and motorhomes where it would be useful for the occasional grandchildren (or other visitors) coming to stay over, or if you have a caravan or motorhome where you have to make up the bed each evening. Its simple to make up and compact to store away the following morning. It has a TOG rating of 15 so will be able to keep you toasty in almost all-weather.

Bundle Beds are a sleek and modern spin on the old roll-out bed. Perfect for camping trips, music festivals, and visiting guests, the Bundle Beds makes sleeping easy, anywhere. The Bundle Bed conveniently stores everything needed for a good night’s sleep into one compact, easy to carry, water-resistant bundle that rolls out in seconds.

Bed Ready

Each bundle includes: a comfortable five centimetre thick self-inflating mattress, an ultra-cosy duvet and comfy pillow and soft jersey cotton fitted sheets (machine washable). It is extremely durable, with heavy-duty buckles, bar tack reinforced straps and strong zips and buttons. The hydrophobic synthetic down duvet and pillow are moisture wicking, stopping you from getting damp at night, whilst ensuring a comfy and cosy night’s sleep.

Side view BBThe Bundle Bed is available in adult’s size (190cm x 60cm) and kid’s size (165cm x 50cm), and several colour choices: adult’s beds are available in grey or navy, and kid’s beds are available in teal or mustard. There is the option of joining two of the adult bed’s to make a double bed using the velcro on the single beds and with the addition of a double bed sheet.

Lucy and James have perfected the designs, finalised the materials and chosen a great factory to work with for production. To cover the costs of the first production run, they will launch a Kickstarter campaign. Bundle Beds and other unique rewards will be available for pre-order from 20th February until 18th March at a special discounted rate.

Here’s their video about Bundle Beds…


You can help get the bed rolling at their kickstarter campaign :


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