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Today it’s Caravan Chronicles 2nd birthday!

The first post “Hello World!” was published back on 11 January 2012 and started the ball caravan rolling. Back then we had a total of 695 views for the whole of January. So far in the first 11 days of January we have had over 3750 views taking our total to over 138,000!

In that time our caravan has travelled over 6700 miles on 30 trips and been on site for 82 nights.

What else has happened.. well we started a Twitter feed (@caravanchron) a few months ago and a few days ago we started our Facebook page – both of which are slowly growing.

So what are we going to do for 2014 – our third year? Well there are a few features planned…

  • An article on upgrading your caravan road lights to LED bulbs and the different types of bulb available (still looking for a company to help out with this)
  • Report on different aftermarket caravan stability systems (and possibly a DIY installation feature).
  • Report on what actually goes on when you have your caravan serviced by a main dealer.

Thanks to everyone that has followed, tweeted, liked, re-blogged or posted one of the 400 or so comments on Caravan Chronicles, I hope I can make the next 12 months as entertaining and informative as the last two years have been.