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We were due to set off for 3 days at the Camping & Caravan Club’s Braithwaite Fold site at Bowness on Windermere this weekend, to meet up with some friends who would have been travelling across from North Yorkshire. However, the forecast is not too good. There is snow forecast, and winds possibly gusting 50+ MPH. Travelling from Manchester up to the Lake District towing a large caravan is not a good idea.

I rang the Camping & Caravan Club to cancel the booking, and was told that our only option was to move our booking to another date at Braithwaite Fold to save loosing the deposit. However, the only two weekends that we have free in the next three months, Braithwaite Fold was fully booked. So as a consequence we have lost our £25 deposit.

I would have thought that as the weather is causing chaos up and down the country at the moment, the powers at be in the Camping & Caravan Club would have opted to allow the deposit to be used on a booking at any site to hopefully ensure that people booked alternatives. For us, it has effectively increased the cost of 12 months membership by £25, and as Sue has just said to me, there is no point in booking sites that need a deposit when the weather is so unpredictable. I do have to agree with her.

We use the caravan all year round and up to now have never had to cancel a booking.

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