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Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Caravanning New Year. 2012 was a great second year caravanning for us which included our first trip abroad. We’ve now totaled 56 nights away and towed over 4700 miles and the blog is just coming up to 35,500 visitors.

Off to a good start…..

The Caravan Club have already started their 2013 season on a good note for me. Back in October I wrote about our/my problem trying to find Warwick Racecourse site ( The French Connection – Finale) and I posted a picture of the text in the Caravan Club handbook.

Well the club has updated the text in the handbook and on the website. I’ll never know if it was the collective mass of other members complaining or the fact I put a couple of links to my blog posting in surveys sent out by the club that did it, or the fact it was due for a review. But a big well done to the Caravan Club staff for doing something about it.


Updated text on how to find/get to Warwick Racecourse site
(c) Caravan Club

Now if anyone is on pitch 4 at Warwick… just have a look round in the grass, I think my wedding ring might be there somewhere.

Cheers and safe towing for 2013

Simon & Sue