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Over the last couple of days I have posted some new pages. Equipment reviews now has  a piece about our Avtex TV and I have just finished one about our Safefill refillable gas cylinder.

Back in May/June last year while I was researching everything we would need to go with our new caravan, I collected a lot of ‘bookmarks’ for websites that we thought were useful and would need in the future, or that we eventually bought stuff from. So to help anyone else looking for information, I’ve started a links page, with links to the sites we used. There are over fifty links on the page, and I’ve tried to organise them in to some sort of order. If nothing else, at least I know where to look for stuff again! It also makes it easier if someone asks me about something… I can just point them at the links page.

I have also posted another help guide…. this time on understanding the dynamics of towing. It basically gives an insite into whats going on with the white box on wheels behind you. I’m part way through writing one about simple electrical fault finding on a caravan’s electrical system. Hopefully that will be ready in a few days. Someone has asked me if I can write something about modifying or altering wiring and making terminations… I’ll see what I can do in the near future.

I have a link at the top of the page “Site Reviews” I’m still not sure if this is something that I want to get into really as there are so many places on the internet that offer site reviews… do we need another one? Still thinking about that one.